How To Make the Most of Ordinary Time

On the liturgical calendar, we have many different seasons and many of those seasons are lined up with changes in the natural seasons. For example, Christmas occurs in Winter when the light is the smallest and begins to grow, and Easter is in Spring when natural rebirth is everywhere. But in ordinary time it appears nothing in particular is going on. This can make some think that it is not important. But this is a misconception. 

As Br. Consulmagno SJ writes, "Without characterizing what is usual, how can we recognize what is unusual?" Without ordinary time, what would extraordinary events like Advent, Lent, Christmas, and Easter be? 

The same idea can be applied to our own lives and in discovering how to make the most of Ordinary time. Life should be, well, ordinary. What is ordinary is routine and habitual, and there is nothing wrong with that. In fact, there can be virtue in it.


Happy Feast of Corpus Christi